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Contacts and services

For clarifications and indications on the products and protection programs offered by DGT, please contact us at info@dgt-net.itor use the online form that you can find here.

Monitoring systems

For over 15 years we have been developing platforms dedicated to the analysis and protection of digital video content, with particular excellence on live broadcasts and illegal publication of audio/video files.

Live Protection

We detect and notify in real time the illegal publication of live content, using monitoring platforms offered to meet the specific needs of our customers

The first step to protect your business is to protect your data. Piracy has become a global phenomenon and affects a wide range of digital content. No company can be considered immune from this ever-expanding phenomenon. We carry out activities of detection and removal of online content through notification and legal action. Our company has entered into agreements with the main operators of Web Hosting and Social Network services aimed at IMMEDIATE removal of the detected contents.



The DGT Technology division is in the vanguard of dedicated Software and Hardware development and offers high-level services by performing vulnerability analysis and content protection tests of our customers


All the information is centralized on our servers, ensuring the secrecy of information between different customers. Each case is individually managed, creating a history of violations useful for initiating legal actions and as support base for investigations by the competent authorities. The use of dedicated machines allows the creation of custom robots able to search and remove contents online


We design and implement complex management platforms for the collected data. Thanks to the use of constantly updated databases, we can provide detailed information on the illegal services present on the network, the location of the machines, IP addresses and risk sharing by country, all visible in real time by our customers

Vulnerability analysis

Information security plays an increasingly important role in the activities of companies. Attacks aimed at theft or disclosure of paid content are increasingly common. There is nothing more damaging to the business either from an operational, legal and image point of view

monitored ip addresses everyday
1300 k
Detected IP adresses 6 months
1250 k
Removed IP adresses 6 months
100 %
successfully completed projects

Communication & Access to data

Our customers receive the update in real time and a direct communication line through a dedicated portal, where it is possible to download at any time the report of the activities performed. The graphs of the portal allow to observe with accuracy the monitored websites